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918Kiss Online Slot Is The Top Paying Online Casino In Malaysia

918KISS is an online slot machine game developed by the Bally Technologies and operated by the Genting Group. It was launched in May 2011 and quickly gained popularity in Malaysia, Singapore and other Asian countries. According to the global gambling technology publication, HTG, 918KISS is currently the most popular paid online slot game in Malaysia and also the most-played slot game on local Indian soil. The following is an excerpt from an article by HTG discussing the popularity of 918KISS.

The 918KISS slot machine has a 9-line grid and pays according to the number of lines crossed when the symbols are lined up. It also features a wild symbol, which substitutes for all other symbols and can lead to winning combinations. The concept of this online slot game is inspired by the Chinese wholesaler fair known as a song gian sung or chung sau song in Cantonese. The name 918KISS derives from the Cantonese word chung sau sung as well as the Chinese character for nine lined up together, which refers to the number of lines on this online slot machine.

Many players have different views about the rules and advantages of a 9-line online slot machine like 918KISS. Two of these views are that a high number of lines will always lead to a higher payout or that a lower number of lines will always lead to a lower payout. However, according to HTG, there is no definite answer when it comes to this matter since each player has his own strategy for lining up the symbols in this slot machine. Nevertheless, lining up more than nine symbol lines results in higher payouts, while lining up fewer than nine symbol lines yields lower winnings.

According to HTL, many gamblers believe that if more than nine symbol lines are displayed on 918KISS at any given time, this will enhance its win rate. In addition, some believe that less than nine symbol lines are detrimental since they think it will reduce the payout frequency of all winning combinations displayed on this online slot machine. Consequently, they base their strategy on when they should line up the symbols displayed on this slot machine— either before or after they make their wager.

Based on HTG’s research, 918KISS is quite popular among Malaysian players since it gives players with different strategies ways to win at gambling. In addition, many gamblers have placed bets using their credit cards using this online slot game. In fact, this slot game attracted 639 million global gambling bets in 2016 alone— making it one of the most popular casino games worldwide.

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