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918kiss Robinhood Online Slot Review

918kiss is an online social game and dating site founded by actor Robin Williams. The company's mission is to create a fun and interactive way for people of all ages to meet, create relationships and make friends. They achieved this by blending features from popular social media platforms with a slot machine game. Players can instantly connect with hundreds of other players and create lasting friendships or romantic relationships.


918kiss has a unique twist on creating a bond with your friends in digital space. Instead of telling a friend to send you a letter or message, you create your own card using text, photos, audio and video clips. Your card becomes your signature; it tells the world who you are and sets the tone for your life. Players can choose to feature themselves alone or with a significant other in their card. They can use words of affirmation or offer encouragement to others on life's journey. In this way, 918kiss encourages people to be their best selves.

Like 918kiss, Robin Hood is also an online slot game that encourages players to build relationships with their digital deck of cards. The company took inspiration from the rich history of English folklore and created a story line around the legends of Robin Hood. The game takes place in an England centuries ago during King Richard's reign. Players take on the role of Robin himself as they fight against the king's soldiers to free the land and people of England from tyrannical rule. Over time, players free the land from the king's debt and earn rewards for their heroic deeds. At the end of each round, players can choose to support one of six different charitable organizations that benefit the local community. Or they can choose not to support any charities and instead pocket all their hard-earned rewards for themselves.

Players also have many customization options when creating their online deck of cards. They can upload up to 100 photos, 20 videos and up to 1000 text samples that represent who they are as a person. Additionally, players can add up to 20 voice clips that express what they're feeling at any given time. This allows players to craft their own audio cards that accompany their physical card. Players can also create profiles with information about themselves, interests and goals they hope to achieve in life. Other players will then get a glimpse into these details when they message you for friendship or romance purposes.

Like many slot games online, 918kiss regularly adds new content to provide its players with new amusement options. New games keep players interested so they'll return regularly for fresh amusement options. 918kiss offers tons of customization options for your online card so it stays interesting for long stretches of time. Each new update also includes bonus games where top players can win huge rewards on specific games such as roulette or poker hands.

Overall, 918kiss and Robin Hood are great ideas that encourage people to be their best selves in digital space- creating bonds with their deck of cards. These games are fun and interactive so you'll never run out of things to do on the website. Plus, constant updates keep the game interesting so you'll always want to come back for more!

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