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Da Sheng Nao Hai Fish Shooter Game transports you to a lovely underwater world where marine life contains enormous jackpot rewards and millions of colourful fish are ready to be shot. Because this fun online fish hunter game isn't simply a typical slot game, you don't even have to put in any effort to get started.


Have you ever wondered how to play online fish shooting games? The more points you acquire, the better your chances are of catching a large fish and winning a substantial reward.


The Fish Shooting Game's Features

This game has a plethora of options to help you optimise your winnings. Professional and easy-to-use fishing equipment, nets, fish finders, weapons, and water bombs are available to all players. No worries if you don't know how to play online fish hunter.

A bomb may detonate at any time, which is a trait that ensures success in any situation. You should also keep in mind that when a huge number of fish appear on sail, it's a good moment for your money account since just one additional fish will raise your payout by a significant amount. And I'm also happy! Hunt for fish, and earn money, by searching and sorting through a huge database of fish.



You may begin by selecting a shooting weapon. A bet of 1-9 coins will trigger a single gun; a stake of 10 or more coins will activate two guns. In the third choice, you may wager between 100 and 1000 coins and acquire three weapons in a similar way. You may alter your wager by clicking the plus and minus buttons at the bottom of the gaming platform after it has been opened. How simple it is to fish and make money!


This is to make it as simple as possible for you to play the fish shooting games on Mega888, to make deposits, and to withdraw your winnings.


Tactical Approaches

1. Making Use of Specific Methods

When playing fish table games at online casinos, this is a great technique for those just getting their feet wet. Destroying little fish will conserve ammunition and boost your chances of winning. Playing fish table online may be as simple or as complicated as you like.

These little fish are sometimes overlooked by other players, who prefer to keep an eye on the bigger ones. What a blunder! That's not a good starting point for newbies. If you think the same way about other players, you'll lose your whole bankroll!!!

When the Fish Appear, Shoot It.

Head straight for it as soon as you see it. You can be sure that you'll make a lot of money this way.

With enough bullets, the fish will perish.3

I've culled these thoughts from a variety of sources. This means you must use 10 shots to get rid of a fish that is worth 5 points. Marble shooting is a method that was developed from an earlier technique. This method is revealed in the following paragraphs.

However, because to the seeming abundance of fish, you'll need to move fast and precisely to achieve this catch. You won't have to worry about firing bullets because if you succeed, you'll get a big reward.

Applying Ballpoint Shots

In addition, this is a great approach to win over the hearts of gamblers. A fish's mortality rate will skyrocket if you fire a few rounds at the wall, which will bounce back at your target as you continue to fire additional rounds straight at the fish. Many more fish will be harmed, but the cost will be higher. Wild bullets may potentially kill neighbouring fish if you're unlucky.


5. Shoot Enough Bullets to Kill Big Fish at the Same Time

Players with a large bankroll should consider this option. Large fish like mermaids, crocodiles, and sharks are your best bet if you have a lot of money. You may win up to 200 times your stake for each fish you kill.

You should, however, use it in certain circumstances. Because if the game has a lot of fish or not many opponents at the fish table online, you won't notice or recall how many bullets you fired at a fish.


Definitely! You want to get your extra money after you've fought your way to the bottom of the sea and found it at the online fish table. If you have any questions or concerns about making a payment, Mega888 Malaysia is here to help!

You just need to contact our Customer Service department by Live Chat, Chatbox, or WhatsApp to request a withdrawal. When all of the information is verified, a member of our Mega888 team will quickly send the funds to your account. A few minutes later, you'll get your money in the form of an electronic transfer to your bank account. It's a challenging procedure all around.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with our customer care team!


All of our games at Mega888 Malaysia are geared at making the experience as enjoyable as possible for all of our players. In addition to fish table games, we provide a wide variety of online games. At any time, you'll be able to have access to your funds. The fish table gambling game is one of the most popular in the world because of all the fascinating elements.

Mega888 Malaysia is a popular choice for many well-known Singaporean agent names because of this benefit. As part of Mega888 Malaysia's commitment to its customers, the company offers a round-the-clock customer support team. It doesn't matter whether you're withdrawing or saving money or negotiating or if you have any queries; our customer care staff is always eager and ready to assist you.

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