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Learn How To Play 918Kiss Online Slot In 5 Minutes

918Kiss is a fast-paced online slot with a high potential for winning. The game is based on the popular Japanese manga and anime series that take place in the supernatural city of Roppongi. The protagonist of the series is a young cat goddess named Kaguya who can transform into a beautiful human girl. Each of her forms carries unique powers and loves to play instruments. Each also has a cat head and is associated with a different element.


918Kiss features five reels and five win columns. The game is set up in an S-style design with two left-hand win columns and one right-hand column. Each column contains three rows of symbols, including nine cat heads, six musical instruments and four elements. This gives players nine free games with a max pay of 100 times their original bet. In addition, the number of possible winning combinations is 918. This may refer to the game's title or to Kaguya's famous celestial number.

918Kiss has proved popular as an online slot game because its gameplay is fast-paced and exciting. The game starts quickly because all of its animations are brief- especially compared to similar online slots like Dragonz online slot. This makes players feel as though they've accomplished something after they spin the reels once. The game also has a high potential for winning because each winning combination awards up to 6,400 times the original wager. This makes it easy for players to rack up tons of in-game currency without putting much effort into their gameplay.

Regularly offering promotions via email keeps 918Kiss in rotation among new players. For example, players can earn free spins after finishing a round of Login Bonus matches. Every $20 spent on in-game currency unlocks 20 free spins. Players also receive 100 free spins after completing at least 20 games in 30 days or 180 free spins after completing at least 60 games in 90 days. Plus, there are daily bonus rewards for completing certain tasks like claiming two or three tags every day. All of these bonuses help 918Kiss stand out among other fast-paced online slots.

918Kiss is an exciting fast-paced slot with a high potential for winning that draws in new players with its gameplay and regular promotions. Players can rack up 6,400 times their initial wager in one play if they're lucky enough to get lucky during one of the game's free games or frequent rewards opportunities. It's also worth noting that this slot has been praised by anime fans around the world because it faithfully recreates several scenes from Kaguya's series within the world of Roppongi Hills Casino Hotel.

Understand The 918Kiss Online Slot Pattern

918Kiss is a popular online slot game created by casino software developers IGT. It is one of many games in the company's popular NetEnt franchise. 918Kells is based on a love story between a man and a woman. As the name suggests, the bonus features of the game reference nine18. Each reel has 18 winning combinations. The bonus game involves selecting the combination that most closely matches the player's choice of love story line.

918Kiss features an unusual, multi-layered bonus game. Players spin the base game until they win credits. Once they have enough credits to play a bonus game, they select the 918 option from the bonus menu. From there, they choose one of nine possible storylines based on their character choices in the base game. After that, they choose one of four characters and must match their choice with nine different romantic situations in the story. Once that's done, 9s appear on selected reels, triggering a bonus game that awards substantial winnings.

Players should focus on the base game and bonus game simultaneously to maximize their winnings. They should continue to play regularly while maximizing their chances of winning in the bonus game. This requires paying attention to your selections and choosing characters with compatible romantic interests as instructed in the bonus game. You need to rack up plenty of points before you can access this bonus feature since each level requires an increasing number of points to unlock. You must earn at least 3,000 points before you can use your nine18 option in this multi-level bonus game.

The 918Kiss Online slot has an active player base and loyal base game followers. IGT has released several updates for this classic slot over the years, keeping its gameplay fresh and popular with players. There are over 150 different video slots available from IGT as part of their NetEnt franchise- one of the largest and most popular gaming communities online today. Online casinos worldwide have found that offering IGT games in their casino makes for high retention rates and overall business success.

918Kiss is a unique online slot that offers both traditional luck-based gameplay and a unique bonus feature based on selecting romantic scenarios from a fictional love story line. The player must be active and focused while playing this game to maximize their winnings in this spinoff of other IGT games with similar names such as Cleopatra Slots or Mr Cashman Jr Slots.

How To Hit Random Jackpot in 918Kiss Online Slot

918Kiss is a video slot game that uses a unique number system and gameplay to create a thrilling and entertaining game experience. Each spin of the 918Kiss slot machine offers players the chance to win up to 100 times their initial wager. Most importantly, a random jackpot can be won by predicting the outcome of a coin toss. Players who want to win big in this slot must learn the game play strategies necessary to hit a random jackpot.

In 918Kissa player choose between two modes of play. In the adventure mode, players assume the role of Nick Ryan and attempt to seduce 18 different women in New York City. If Nick succeeds, he wins a Mercedes-Benz. If he fails, his girlfriend Katy will dump him. Either way, winning or losing isn't as important as learning how to play the game. Once Nick understands how to win, he can focus on having sex with his girlfriend Katy.

Whenever a player scores points in 918Kiss, he does so by collecting card suits. These are nine poker cards with an Asian symbol on them- the Nine of Hearts. The winning combination includes three Hearts, two Spades and two of any other card except for the Nine of Hearts. Since there are five different suits in 918Kiss, there are a total of 95 distinct ways to collect point suits in this game.

To increase your chances of winning in 918Kiss, you must learn when it's most advantageous to match and collect the winning suits in this game. For example, if you have three Spades in your hand when you spin the 918Kiss slot machine, it makes sense to throw three Spades on the spinning reels at this time. Doing so maximizes your score while minimizing your risk of losing points due to a card error. In this way, understanding the gameplay mechanics behind 918Kiss is half the battle; learning when it's most advantageous to act is half the battle towards achieving victory in this game!

Players who want to guarantee they'll win big in 918Kiss should focus their attention on collecting coin symbols throughout the game rather than betting money. Each spin of the game awards players with free spins plus one free spin wild card (CFSC). Collecting these freebies awards players up to 100 times their initial wager while minimizing any necessary input. It's also worth noting that if you land on one of the bonus screens after collecting enough coins during regular gameplay, you can potentially win even more spins!

Practicing good slot game strategy can greatly increase your chances of winning at 918Kissa- especially if you know how to hit random jackpot! Players who are skilled at 918Kiss gain an unfair advantage by knowing which cards to use and when it's most advantageous to act during each play round. By focusing on maximizing your score from start to finish, you're guaranteed to climb that ladder and claim your winnings!

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