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Review of the Mega888 Pharaoh's Daughter Online Slot

Pharaoh's daughter is an online slot game with mysterious themes and rewards. The game is based on the famous story of Cleopatra VII and is set in the glory days of Ancient Egypt. This slot game offers a chance to play as the famous Egyptian queen and learn more about her life. Many players find this game intriguing and fun to play.


The Mega888 online casino has a wide range of games to choose from. Players can choose from five different Pharaoh's daughter slots based on the original game. However, there are also ten other games based on Egyptian history and mythology. These include The Egyptian Book Deluxe, The Hija de Egipto Bonus Game Deluxe and the 50 Cent Mega M8 Slot Game. There are also ten different slots based on ancient Greek mythology, such as Hercules and Medusa.

All the games have a unique theme based on ancient Egyptian history. Each game depicts an event or situation from the queen's life. For example, players can win acacia trees in Cleopatra's treasure slot. A tree with golden fruit grows in this game's backyard. The player must climb the tree and collect the golden apples inside. This gives players extra coins to buy new items in this game. Other items include royal mummies and an ankh necklace that gives players bonuses when they wear it.

Players can also win up to 888,000 coins in this game. This is a lot of money compared to most online slots games. Plus, it's much more than any real life currency has ever been worth either. This makes it easy for players to win big sums of money in this game. It encourages people to play and enjoy the free online slot games offered by reputable casinos.

Pharaoh's daughter is an excellent game that anyone who likes ancient Egyptian history should try out. It offers many unique rewards for players and is based on a true story from Cleopatra's life. The bonus games are fun and surprisingly lucrative too thanks to the high jackpot amount and eight different bonus symbols available. Overall, this is an excellent online slot game!

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