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The Latest SCR888 Tips and Tricks

Every time there is a bug report or a report from scr888 when it loses to the player, they always update their software. As a result, you as a player experience the consequences of losing money on a regular basis.


Agents can also be cunning, changing your scr888 id if they consistently lose at slot machines. Scr888's id was changed as a result of a software update, they said.

Getting that new id will cost you time and money. However, if you're a good player, regardless of whether you have an old or new account, you'll never lose. You should not deposit too much money on your first deposit on a new id, according to the administrator.

Try to play with at least RM50 of your own money. Begin with a small bet and experiment with different slots if you are having trouble winning. You should try to increase your bet if you win and have a little extra money from the previous win. In the event that you also win with that bet, try a wager of RM3.75. If you place a large bet at the start of a slot, you're likely to lose even if you decide to call it a day. Typically, the administrator will keep attempting the wager until they are rewarded with additional games. Chances of winning a free bet of RM700 or more in an RM3.75 bet are high. If you win so much that you don't want to lose, don't try to play again. For those who have thick skin, by all means. Luck may be on your side, so don't give up. So far, this is the only tip I can give you, but I'll be updating this page with more in the future.

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