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918Kiss/SCR888's Random Jackpots: How to Win

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

The Random Jackpot SCR888 is something you should aim for. Has the Random Jackpot ever paid out to you? Would you want to be the next lucky recipient of the Random Jackpot? You might win the jackpot several times instead of just once by following these strategies.

Isn't it strange that you may win the same jackpot more than once? The Random Jackpot has come my way twice in a week, and it hasn't been strange to me.

What's the big deal? For the next several days, I'll show how to win the Random jackpot of SCR888.

Losing your wager is a pre-requisite for winning the jackpot. You have to lose first before you can win, much like scr888's own spy who revealed a secret. Here's what I'm trying to get across: To win the jackpot, you need a lot of money. If you follow the instructions below, you should be able to get started.

If you don't have a lot of money to begin with, you'll have to start with a loss. As an example, (you deposit RM100 on agent 1, play, and lose. Instead of switching to Agent 2 and playing scr888 there, you'll want to stick with Agent 1 until you obtain a random number.)

To find out the random jackpot you wish to drop at random, look at the random value provided on each of the SCR888 games. When the random jackpot is between RM1700 and RM4000, it is quite easy for it to fall. Do not participate in the games if the possible jackpot is more than RM4000. After the jackpot falls, the random jackpot amount will revert to RM1000.

Note that every game has a random jackpot, and if the random jackpot's value fluctuates or climbs at an unusual rate, the games will lose the random jackpot completely. However, we can't predict how the unplanned fall will effect you or anybody else. Unpredictable outcomes are inevitable. The signal here is critical.

p/s random will not fall on newbies, for sure.

A random jackpot winner may always switch to another agent to increase their chances of winning again. A good rule of thumb is to stay away from the same casino where you won a big prize. The rule is that you can't play on the same phone as the one you used to win the jackpot, but you may use a different phone or a computer to play.

The advice I just gave you is based on the fact that I've won two random jackpots this month totaling RM3300 and RM2200. Whether you've scored a random jackpot, your phone will JEM briefly or hang briefly before the arrival of RANDOM JACKPOT SCR888, so you'll know for sure if you've won.

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